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ISTE TPACK video – all the tpack, 2x the commercial interruptions

2 July 2010 22 Comments

Punya and I were both unable to attend the ISTE conference this year, we both became over-committed with summer teaching. However, that didn’t stop us from “presenting” at at the special forum by SIGTE – “Considering the “C” in TPACK: Curriculum-based Technology Integration”.

We used technology to attend this forum by appearing via video. We didn’t want to just speak into the camera for 15 minutes, so we did something different. Punya gets most of the credit here, he did almost all of the heavy lifting.

But there are others who deserve credit as well. Thanks to Sarah McPherson for organizing the session, and to the panelists Glen Bull, Judi Harris, Ann Thompson and Denise Schmidt. Ann Thompson and Denise Schmidt deserve a special thanks for stepping in at the last minute to cover for Punya and me. Thanks also to Leigh Wolf for narrating and hosting the radio show, and providing her office to shoot the UPS commercial; Mete Akcaoglu for starring in the faux-UPS commercial; Soham Mishra for narrating the faux-Mastercard commercial and Shreya Mishra and her friends for starring in it.

Just a warning, the video is 15 minutes long and a 21 MB download.



  • Christiane said:

    Just looked at this in a ict infusion class in Trinidad, West Indies. I like very much that the lesson was in the ad. I’d like to help my students learn in a more user-friendly way, which would validate the ways in which they think.

  • mkoehler (author) said:

    Thanks for the kind comments! I’m Glad the video, and commercials, were helpful :)

  • Geert Thijs said:

    Dear mr. Koehler, first off, congratulations on becoming a father. That IS most important of all :)

    However… Let me first situate myself, in saying that I’m an ICT-coordinator in the Flemish (Belgian) framework of city schools in Aalst [B]. [So excuse my English, I'm nowhere near a native speaker *g*] I’m the one supposed to work the miracles in keeping all the tech stuff going in 10 schools (K-12 to secondary art schools) while offering brilliant ideas and methodology for integrating ICT in the classroom. Which… despite all efforts does not yield the expected results.
    I only recently discovered TPACK, and I must say that it sounds impressive, in the sense that I learned a lot in terms of understanding where most problems generate from. The problems I see here everyday, situated in TPACK terminology, would be that teachers have no bagage or not enough anyways, in the field of Technological knowledge. That goes for basic understandings in working with a pc (macs aren’t widespread here), let alone knowledge of the right tools for the right content in the right pedagogical setting. ICT wasn’t part of the teacher training curriculum for those teachers lacking skills in that area… Not sure it’s in the programs now, to the extent needed for working as TPACK suggests.
    I for my part, can’t even begin to teach all teachers what they need to know to get them up to the apropriate skill level in ICT for working TPACK. Now what?

    Tnx for your insights… :)

    Kind regards,


  • Erin said:

    As a student at NC State University taking an education class pertaining to literacy in the classroom, I found this video super interesting and TPACK was something I had never heard of. There were several great take away points such as a “lecture is a lecture” because even if you are using fancy technology you are still lecturing and your students are still sitting and listening. Some great things to think about in this video that will be important to keep in mind while teaching! Thanks!

  • Brittany said:


    I just viewed the video. As a preservice teacher, I found the information to be very enlightening. After viewing the video, I learned that technology by itself is not creative. Teachers should apply technology as a tool to enhance the lesson, regardless of the content areas. As stated in the video, a lecture is a lecture no matter if a teacher does so through a traditional method or through the use of technology. Teachers must strive to utilize technology to create innovative lessons in which students are easily engaged.

  • Zack R. said:

    I feel like that all of this is easy to say but much harder to actually make happen. Even this video, with all of its interesting pictures and such seemed just like it could have been a panel sitting in he room showing a well-animated powerpoint. We are still just using technology to “spice up” what we’ve always done. Are there really that many different and exciting ways to present information?

  • Ashton said:


    After watching this video and learning about TPACK I feel like my major take away would be that using technology is not just being creative. You have to use the the technology to be creative and get students thinking. For example I think about Smart Boards and how teachers use them to give powerpoint but what is the difference in using that and using a projector and computer…NOTHING! People think that just because you are using a smart board you are using better technology. I have realized that if you are using smart board or a projector you are still using a powerpoint and you are still lecturing. I think after watching this video I now realize that using technology is not always the best. You have to find ways of using technology to get the students attention. You also have to use technology in a meaningful way. If students get it then you are doing a great job.

  • Meg Nicholson said:

    Hello! Thank you for your informative video. My students and I just viewed it online! I found it a much more innovative way for me to explain TPACK :) Thank you

  • Kaitlyn said:

    I am a student at NCSU majoring in middle grade education. I found this video to be informative. I have never heard of TPACK before viewing this video. I do think it is important to incorporate technology in the classroom in a creative way. This video was a great example of the use of technology. I think the commercials were creative and informative. The video left me wondering about ways to correctly incorporate technology in the educational classroom. Thank you!

  • Sean said:


    I just watched your video in one of my classes that I attend at North Carolina State University. I really enjoyed it! I agree that technology needs to be implemented in the classroom a lot more than what it is today. However, I do have a question. How do you use technology effectively? Instead of just transfering a lecture from a classroom setting to a laptop, how would you use it effectively? What would be the ideal way of using it?

  • Kara Emery said:

    Dear Dr.Koehler,

    This is the first time I have heard of Tpack. I really liked how the video said a lecture is just a lecture no matter what technology you use. I had never thought about this in great detail until now. I understand this much better now and plan to think critically about how I am using technology to be an effective teaching in the conceptual age. This video is inspiring for future teachers to know that there are people doing research that will help us more the education field forward.


  • Hannah said:

    Dr. Koehler,
    Being a future teacher I found this to be very helpful. When looking into the future and thinking about lesson plans I am always trying to integrate technology. This video made me realize that just putting in some sort of technology isn’t enough. The technology needs to enhance the lesson not just be a new form of doing the same old things. I am so glad I was exposed to the idea of TPACK because I truly think it can be a great tool for any pre-service or current teacher struggling with the use of technology.


  • Nancy said:

    Hi Dr. Koehler!

    I really enjoyed this video. As a future teacher, I took away many important ideas for how to use technology into my classroom. An important message that I feel this video portrays is that as a teacher, if I film my lecture, my lecture is just a lecture. Just because I film the lecture, does not mean that I am using technolgy to enhance the content I am teaching. This video has taught me that I need to use technology in creative ways in my classroom.

  • Kimberly said:

    I am from North Carolina State University. I watched your video in a class of mine. I think the message you are sending with TPACK is vital to education in the 21st century. It’s not the technology that teaches the students. It is the teacher that teaches the students. It is very important that teachers utilize technology in a creative and effective way. It is true what you said you said, “A lecture is still a lecture, even on an IPAD.”

  • Erica said:

    I really enjoyed this video and found it very helpful. As a upcoming teacher I often wonder how I am going to incorporate technology in my classroom. I feel that this gave me a better idea how to make technology meaningful.

  • Morgan said:

    Dr. Koehler,

    I am a student at NC State University and this video was the first experience that I have had with TPACK. I was struck by the statement that was made about things staying the same even though technology is constantly changing. Watching this video reinforced the importance of integrating technology into the classroom by using new and inventive ways to reinforce a lesson. Thank you for this easy-to-use illustration of what TPACK is. Although you mention what not to do, having some more information/examples on how to implement this into the classroom would be helpful.

  • Stephanie said:

    As an undergraduate majoring in middle grades education, I completely agree with this concept of using innovative technology in the classroom. Technology is a major part of life and society today, so why not use it in a creative way to make the concepts more engaging and meaningful to students? Conceptual understanding is much more important than simply knowing facts and and procedures. We have many wonderful tools available at our fingertips to help students explore, create and discover new concepts everyday. Bringing the concept of TPACK to the attention of parents and educators is very important, but I would also find it helpful to be informed about creative ways (ideas or suggestions) to implement meaningful technology into the classroom. Thanks for the video!

  • Shimere said:

    I am a college student here in North Carolina and this is my first time hearing about TPCK. After looking at the video clip I really like the fact that a lecture being a lecture was spoken about. Technology has changed the way education is taught and how many learn but what is important is the teachers understanding how to use the technology and how to teach various subjects in different ways. Creativity is important and as a future teacher having resources such as TPCK is very helpful. A lecture is a lecture but exploring ways to some how make the lecture more interesting and creative really has an affect on students in a positive way.

  • WilsonS. said:

    This is a great video for teachers about combining technology with content and pedagogy. This is all new information to me as I have never heard of TPACK before. I found the segment about “a lecture is still a lecture” particularly insightful. I think it is important to avoid employing technology for technology’s sake. I think teachers do need to think of innovative ways in which technology can enhance instruction. Also, I think the video would have been even more useful if it touched on how teachers can come up with new and creative ideas for using technology.

  • Mike W. said:

    This is my first time hearing about the term TPACK. To be honest I was thinking it would be this new fad of teaching, but it became something that I thought was something that was implemented everywhere. With that being said, I did get something out of the video where it is not the amount of high technology, but rather the way you use it. I have never focused into this viewpoint where new technology is pushed as being more advanced. The ability to properly use technology and gain positive effects in the classroom is the a plus. Overall, I think it is something that is a given for my generation of teachers (or teachers to come), but maybe something needed for the older generations of teachers.

  • Luke Dulin said:

    The main point I took away from this video was the use of technology should be creative and innovative. This video reminded me of FIZZ, which incorporates creating and publishing student made videos on to the web so the students can review what they created. These video posts can cover any content area and are very interactive and can incorporate music. As a future math teacher there are also tons of different programs and software out there like TinkerPlots, Fathom, Geometer Sketchpad, and SimCalc MathWorlds that can be used in fun and interactive ways to introduce and teach math concepts.

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