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Guide to EPET Comprehensive Exams

Educational Psychology and Educational Technology has two flavors of Comprehensive Exams. Option I (take home exam), and Option II (develop a paper for publication and defend it).

Option I Resources

Option II Resources

Reading List

Please note, there is no official reading list. I provide here what I believe are good materials to prepare for comprehensive exams. This is only a beginning to get you started on preparing for issues that are likely to come up, that you should have encountered in your courses, or that you should be already familiar with. Your reading lists from your courses would be another good starting point.

Quantitative vs. Qualitative vs. Mixed MethodsJohnson, R. B., & Onwuegbuzie, A. J. (2004). Mixed methods research: A research paradigm whose time has come. Educational Researcher, 33, 14-26.

Design-based ResearchKelly, A. E. (2003). The role of design in educational research [Special issue]. Educational Researcher, 32. (Please read pages 3 – 37).