Contributors wanted

The TPACK website is always looking for people to help out. We now have enough people willing to help keep things running, but we are in desperate need of:

a) People willing to post TPACK related news (finding news, deciding what’s important, and blogging about it)

b) Adding “content” – Many pages are “under construction” or “coming soon”. We need people knowledgeable enough about TPACK and willing to write summaries for the rest of the community.

If interested, contact Matthew Koehler,

About Matthew Koehler

In my research, I seek to understand the pedagogical affordances (and constraints) of newer technologies for learning, specifically in the context of the professional development of teachers. My work has led to a program of research about a form of knowledge, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK), that has developed theoretical, pedagogical, and methodological perspectives that characterize teachers who effectively integrate content, pedagogy, and technology in their classroom practice.